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The Great Gatsby New York City Tour Map

Google Maps of The Great Gatsby Story & The Great Gatsby NYC Tour

I wish I could take my present self back to High School because I'd actually appreciate The Great Gatsby rather than dread it on top of my huge pile of homework assignments.  Now that I am older, I have a better connection with the characters who are within the same age group as I am.

I was so ecstatic about the upcoming movie directed by Baz Lurmann, that I kept hitting the repeat button to the trailers.  Heck, I even chopped off one foot of my hair to match Jordan Baker's hairstyle. I decided to re-read the book the third time around; but this time, really dig deep into it. My project will also include touring the places in New York that inspired the author and the film makers.  I'll be blogging and vlogging my experience while blasting the soundtrack along the way. 

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Manhattan & Brooklyn 1 - Areas near Penn Station, Grand Central, Central Park, Times Square, 5th Avenue, Wall Street, 158th Apartment, Subway museum
Day 2: Queens - Flushing Meadows, Queensborough Bridge, Astoria
Day 3: Long Island - LI Mansions, LIRR, boat tours

Just A Thought:
- Where is 'old Metropole'?

- There's a Myrtle Avenue & Wilson Avenue in Brooklyn and they intersect.  They should  rename one of the streets in Flushing Meadows.

- Gatsby started his luxurious lifestyle in NY when he took his first step into a poolroom and met Wolfsheim.  Sadly, his life also ended in his own swimming pool. 

Reference Links:

Eyeing the Unreal Estate of Gatsby Esq.  NY Times article that inspired me to tour Fitzgerald's mythical NY.

The Great Gatsby House - Lands End watch the video that will break your heart as the cranes demolish history.  :(

Adieu, Sweet Life of ’20s Luxury NY Times article - the demolition of Lands End

Edith Cummings is the real Jordan Baker who was friends with Ginevra King (Daisy) - Fitzgerald's first love.

Daryllang Blog - A blog about her Gatsby bike tour around Great Neck (East Egg)

F. Scott Fitzgerald Society

Summaries of the book:
OVTG Book Summary
The Great Jay Gatsby
The Great Gatsby SandM Blog - The Valley of Ashes?

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